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Poltimore House Teatime

Taking tea at Poltimore House

Consecrated cake

I went along to Politmore House’s recent open day. This included a tour with plenty of stories about the house’s past and details of the plans for its future. The house has a rainproof lid on it and this is the first step towards reconstruction.

The Tearoom at Politmore House
The Tearoom at Politmore House

After the tour we went for tea and cake in the chapel. The chapel is not a classic stately home late English Gothic chapel but a big hut! This was used as a chapel when Politmore House was a boarding school. Now one of its uses is to serve really good homemade cakes, and tea of course.

Is there more?

Poltimore is worth visiting to see the before state of a stately home prior to restoration. There are some remains from the original Tudor house visible inside, especially in the courtyard. The saloon has very well preserved early English plaster work, and a state of the art 1940s operating theatre from when the house was a hospital.

The garden is at an early stage of restoration but does have some interesting features. The original garden was designed and planted by the local firm of James Veitch and sons, hence a monkey puzzle or two. There is even a dog’s graveyard with beautifully carved headstones for the deceased hounds.

The house and garden are not open all year round but there are open days to go to. Check their website for the next event.

By Rick Lawrence

Making models and playing tabletop games since the late 1960s, and still enjoying it! Now working in heritage and dabbing around with photography, with quality cafe time when I can.

2 replies on “Poltimore House Teatime”

I think you have something here. Cafes go well with many innocent hobby pursuits.

For a start it is a good inducement to your partner of choice to join you on what may turn out to be a hobby-related venture.

Take Cranks at Dartington. After their scrummy wholefood confections, who could resist going over the hill to see the South Devon Railway at Staverton?



But watch out for the seagulls if you sit outside at Dartington!

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