Bath boat cafe

Tea and cake afloat on the Kennet and Avon Canal

Bath without the baths

A walk along the Kennet and Avon Canal is always pleasant, and having done it in midwinter and summer alike I speak from experience!

The towpath has seen changes in recent years with better upkeep and becoming a cycle track. Like all paths shared between pedestrians and cyclists you have to show a bit of consideration to one another. We only had to leap out of the way once and didn’t see any cyclists pushed in. I was more concerned about boat owners’ pets being squashed by some of the speedier cyclists!

A well dressed steerer
Always good to see a man dressed for boating

Canal culture

There is a lot more art along the canal now, and not just the officially sanctioned sort I am pleased to say. Various sculptures and carvings caught my eye as we wandered along. The most striking was probably a piece of twisted wood made into a figurehead.

Home made figurehead
What you can do with a boat and the right shape of wood

Tea and cake afloat

Having had a good walk and looked at lots of boats we were pleased to find a narrow boat made into a cafe. Given the choice of sitting on the bank or on the boat we chose the boat. It was really pleasant to sit on the water and feel the restorative power of tea and lovely coffee cake work its magic upon us.

Boat cafe cake
Extra helping of cake for me

Seeing the first balloons of the evening appear it was time to go. Being close to the bridge at Bathampton we were able to walk up to the Batheaston road and get a bus back to Bath. My friend was pleased to find a brewery building on way up the hill; sadly converted to offices rather than making beer.

Looking along the canal towards Bathampton bridge
Looking along the canal towards Bathampton bridge

By Rick Lawrence

Making models and playing tabletop games since the late 1960s, and still enjoying it! Now working in heritage and dabbing around with photography, with quality cafe time when I can.

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