The Courtyard Deli Cafe

The Courtyard Deli Cafe Falmouth

Falmouth boats and food

Fishing boats in Falmouth
Fishing boats in Falmouth

Falmouth encapsulates two interests for me – maritime culture and food!

The National Maritime Museum there has a good permanent collection and has interesting exhibitions extending beyond Cornwall. I found the two exhibitions on when I visited with a friend were both enjoyable. I learnt a lot from the arctic exploration one and the lighthouse exhibtion indulged my fascination with lighthouses. I find lighthouses fascinating as feats of engineering, displaying true humanity in trying to save lives and the history of Trinity House running in tandem with supporting commerce.

The permanent collection covers all aspects of Cornwall’s relationship with the sea. This includes a photograph of one of the fishermen my grandfather used chat and smoke with in the fisherman’s shelter at Gorran Haven. And there’s a Tuke or two to enjoy in the town art gallery too!

But what about the food?

Like most tourist destinations Falmouth has eating places to cater for all tastes. It’s worth taking time to find one that suits you.

We found the Courtyard Deli Cafe just off the main street. Its courtyard dining area was an oasis of calm on a busy day in the season. Oh, and everything we had was really good and served by pleasant staff too!

Deli Falmouth
The Deli Cafe Falmouth

By Rick Lawrence

Making models and playing tabletop games since the late 1960s, and still enjoying it! Now working in heritage and dabbing around with photography, with quality cafe time when I can.

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