Photo Blogs Squared

Two photography blogs to explore and a consideration of square format

Not just one but two!

I am a longstanding reader of Mike Johnson’s The Online Photographer blog. I enjoy the mix of news, reviews, articles, and odds and ends. As you can tell from that list there’s plenty of variety too! I first came across Mike’s writing in Black and White Photography when he provided a monthly column on US photography. Sadly the column came to an end but I then found The Online Photographer – hurrah!

It’s the blogger’s style and open approach as well as crunchy content, like in depth reviews and thought provoking pieces, that keep me going back. Plenty of comments and opinions on there too. Another nice touch is having guest bloggers contribute posts and it was one of these that prompted this post.

Another blogger whose posts I enjoy is Kirk Tuck, also from the USA. His review of the first model of the Olympus Pen encouraged me to invest in one.

Now there’s a coincidence

This week Kirk Tuck has contributed a guest post to Mike’s blog about digital formats. Specifically the pleasure of the square format. Unlike Kirk I never saved enough for a square format film camera, so on finding my Olympus Pen can provide square format images with a few clicks in the menu it was goodbye Bronica aspirations and hello square images!

Kirk Tuck’s own The Visual Science Lab blog is well worth trying. He opens a very clear window into the thoughts of a professional photographer. Again he is often thought provoking and also responds to comments – even to the point of changing a recent post on SOPA.

His advocacy for the Olympus Pen was one factor that made me decide to try and then buy one. Sadly I couldn’t afford the model he recommends but if you can I would say go for it!

And the excuse for the pun?

Well two photography blogs is surely a square? With that and a discussion of square format I couldn’t resist it!

Since finding the square format on my Pen I have been restrained. I get the most out it by using it for a specific set of shots or the good old photo project approach of taking all my shots over a day in square format.

Through the round window
Squaring the circle

By Rick Lawrence

Making models and playing tabletop games since the late 1960s, and still enjoying it! Now working in heritage and dabbing around with photography, with quality cafe time when I can.

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