Bright with showers

Wet or dry?
Some days it can be bright but showery. The wet can make you tempted not to take photographs but if it’s bright don’t give up!

Diffused light
On a bright cloudy day the cloud acts as a giant diffuser. This creates a very even light, which varies from soft to even depending on cloud cover and time of day.

Park gates, Phear Park

Make it work for you
This type of light is great for detailed shots. If you’ve ever found an image spoiled by too much contrast forcing you to copse between shadow or highlight detail you’ll appreciate the advantage of diffused light.

I suggest details because the even light allows the viewer to explore your image easily and see detail clearly. Especially with outdoor subjects there is enough light to create some relief so objects don’t look flat.

So grab a brolley, a waterproof camera cover and pop out between the showers!

By Rick Lawrence

Making models and playing tabletop games since the late 1960s, and still enjoying it! Now working in heritage and dabbing around with photography, with quality cafe time when I can.

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