Gaming thoughts and tips

What, a gamer thinking?!

Well, yes playing with little metal men can get philosophical although whether this leads to finding much wisdom is up to the reader to decide.

Over the decades wargames have changed from a minority hobby to a high street business in the form of Games Workshop. Even in the niche world of historical gaming changes have occurred. For example games have gone from being simple games to almost exercises in simulation modelling.

Theses changes have affected everything from dice, rules, figure design, to packaging. Happily some things don’t change – people still do their hobby their way, and these pages are my thoughts on my version of the hobby.

The pages below are a fairly eclectic assortment of thoughts, advice, tips and suggestions on practical modelling with wargames figures.

They are the ways I do things so may not suit you but you might find something you can use here. Hopefully they inspire you to try a thing or two or come up with something better. Despite my background being model making and of an age when the do it yourself approach was a necessity I hope I can recognise something good when I see it!

So you will find modern techniques and materials here too. After all it makes it easier to enjoy your hobby it’s got to be good.

And remember it’s a hobby and you can stop anytime you want to …

An essential accessory - a cup of coffee

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