DIY Basing Texture

How to make your own textured basing paint

Before you start it’s time for shopping! The key ingredient is a litre of household matt emulsion.  Rather than spend a fortune on Citadel or similar acrylics take a colour swatch to your local DIY superstore. You can then get a nice big litre of paint mixed to match the colour of your choice. It will last years!


  • Sand – choose your sand carefully. You need any grit and stones to look in scale with figures. So it’s fine for 10mm and coarse for 28mm.
  • Filling powder or ready mixed paste – any make such as Polyfilla or Tetrion will do
  • PVA glue – don’t buy from model shops instead get a big tub from a DIY/hardware place
  • Your recently purchased paint

Tools and other stuff

  • A container to keep the mix in. Make sure it has an airtight lid. Anything from Tupperware to old food containers will do.
  • A big spoon for ladelling and mixing
  • Kitchen paper or a cloth for wiping the spoon and clearing up any spills

The obvious

Don’t do this on your best table, over a carpet, wearing your favourite suit, etc.

Mixing it up!

Your container will not be the same size as mine so I am giving amounts in percentages. Please note this is not an exact science. More an art really, and if you are a carp cook you may be a carp gloop mixer!

  1. fill you container 50% with sand
  2. add 10% Tetrion or similar
  3. add 10% PVA and give it a stir as you know you’re dying to!
  4. top up with paint stirring as you go.

Seal the container and put some of the mix stuck to the spoon on the top of the lid. This allows you to see the relative coarseness without opening it up.

Vary consistency by adding more or less sand.

Use as needed!

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[…] I use plastic figures because they are cheap and I don’t feel obliged to spend ages painting them! So an undercoat of Humbrol dark brown matt enamel was followed by acrylics. I use Citadel base colours and Vallejo Heavy Colours because they cover well. A varnish with Humbrol matt enamel varnish and job done. I based them on Renedra plastic bases and used my own mix of basing gunk. […]

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