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Cafe Horta, Antwerp

Heritage plus cafe

We wanted to visit Cafe Horta because of its place in Antwerp’s architectural heritage. It’s reputation as a great cafe may have influenced us too!

Cafe Horta was built from recovered iron work from buildings designed by Horta. The iron work was nearly lost to a scrapyard but happily has a new life as a cafe.

Cafe Horta Roof

Horta was an Art Deco architect and sadly not all of his work survives. I hope to visit the Horta Museum next time I go to Belgium.


We were in Belgium, in a cafe, so that meant one thing. Have the pudding with the most possible chocolate in! It was really good as was the rest of the meal.
Cafe Horta chocolate dish

Lindts Cafe, Antwerp

Last month saw myself and a fellow cafe addict in Antwerp.

Coffee is different here

Our first cafe experience was disappointing as it was a lovely cafe but the coffee was from a push button machine like you find in garages here. We kept trying and found coffee in Belgium is slightly different to the Italian style coffee we are used to in Britain. We did not try the local version with cream as we both prefer coffee towards the bitter end of the taste spectrum, so it was a voyage of coffee discovery!

Yum on the way to MUHKA

Walking to the contemporary art gallery, MUHKA, we stopped at a small cafe in a square. This was Cafe Lindts and we had a lovely cup of coffee and with some small cakes gratis from their bakery. In Antwerp there’s a great choice of food and drink and it’s worth looking for what you like!

Lindts Cafe Antwerp

Lindts Cafe Antwerp

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