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Hueless app revisited

More features, more fun

The Hueless mono photography app for the iPhone had a recent update. It does have some extra tweaks added and they are useful. I did have to check out the help to make sure I was getting the best out of them.

Gravestone on an Autumn evening

Gravestone on an Autumn evening

Meanwhile in the field

I do find using Hueless good because the level of control makes me pause before pressing the shutter. And considered shots are often better than grabbed ones! A nice new feature is that you can save presets to make grabbed shots easier.

Still highly recommend giving Hueless a go if you have an iPhone and haven’t tried it.

Lifeboat and tractor

Lifeboat and tractor

Black and White With Hueless

Mono in camera

Reading Black and White Photography I found an article on iPhone apps for mono photography.

One stood out as it allows black and white composition in phone camera. It’s called Hueless and is on the app store.

What’s it like?
Easy to use but backed up with help and a website for anyone a bit stumped. It include a contrast gradient in live view and all the classic black and white filters.

It saves to your Film Roll so is backed up by Apple’s cloud service. It also means you are limited to the iPhone’s editing features. It can share via email, Twitter and Instagram. I’d like to see Flickr and Facebook added to this list.

The latest update include a toggle between exposure and contrast slider. There is also an essential set everything back to zero option!


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