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Autumn at Lower Halsdon Farm

Autumn comes to the farm in Devon

Welcome and what’s going on here then?

You can’t beat a traditional start by welcoming people!

The intention behind this blog is to present my various interests from cafes to heritage to photography to model making and gaming activities for anyone who might find it enjoyable. This means it will include posts ranging from reviews to practical demonstrations with related information. And lots of coffee and cake I expect!

My current games interests are the Seven Years War in Europe and America, Classical and Hellenistic Greece, and Lord of the Rings. Being a hobby with no plan imposed or deadlines to meet I jump about a bit.  So expect generic fantasy will appear along with other historical periods.

My heritage interests are mostly prehistoric to Roman-Britain but with museums, art and Gothic Revival thrown in to an eclectic mix. A lot of my photography relates to heritage sites and the odd project I am involved in.

Being a personal blog other random material will doubtless creep in too.

All hobbies need time as do cats, evidently

All hobbies need time as do cats, evidently

All views expressed on this blog are my own unless explicitly attributed to others

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