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Goblins for Warmaster and BOFA

Only 10mm high but hordes of them

Older gamers will recognise Warmaster as Games Workshop’s mass fantasy battle rules from 2000. BOFA stands for Battle of Five Armies which was the later Hobbit version.  Both games use bases of 10mm metal or plastic figures based in elements on 20x40mm bases, with three such bases forming a unit. 

The  goblin horde arrayed

The goblin horde arrayed

I was painting the goblins from the Battle of Five Armies box set. This produces eight units to make the goblin army. That’s a total of 336 (8 times 3 bases each with 14 goblins on) 1cm high goblins to paint!

Fast painting hordes of goblins

I wanted to get these painted quickly because of the number of them. Plus I have another eight units to paint! I tried two techniques. 

First was the traditional black undercoat to provide dramatic shading and lining. This creates almost a cartoon effect and by dotting in glowing red eyes worked well. 

Goblin unit painted with a black undercoat

Goblin unit painted with a black undercoat

Second was using a coloured acrylic varnish produced by Ronseal for treating wood over bases colours. This is the same as the technique known as the “the dip”. 

Goblin unit  painted with brown wood varnish

Goblin unit painted with brown wood varnish

Of the two I decided the starker black undercoat worked best. Especially when viewed from a distance as on the games table. And it seems quicker too. 

The full horde seen from above

The full horde seen from above


Meet the Ghoulfriend

New figures on the block

Like most gamers who dabble with fantasy I am partial to the dark undead! I also rather like the GamesWorkshop version of Transylvania via Hammer Horror and Hieronymous Bosch.  So I bought the new Vampire Counts book.  And plenty of tempting new figures are showcased in the book.

Citadel Ghouls - the complete unit

Citadel Ghouls - complete unit

Being old enough to have started with Airfix ho/oo figures I have a soft spot for plastic figures. The only thing that puts me off the Zvezda range is I cannot remove the mould lines without accidentally whittling a piece of figure off! Figures made in hard plastic that I can clean up without unintentional surgery are a welcome change. Having a chance to buy a box of Ghouls from the new range at a good price I seized the opportunity.

Open the box!

You get enough pieces to make ten ghouls and one can be a leader figure. There are enough arms and heads to give plenty of variety. One point to make is because of the way the figures are animated it carefully plan how the finished unit will look. If you don’t they will not neatly assemble as a unit and we all know how vexing that is! Not that gamers are at all neurotic about this sort of thing …

Putting on the slap

Citadel Ghouls - head ghoul

Citadel Ghouls - head ghoul

The figures assemble easily and after a prime with GW white spray I painted them in subdued colours with a single subdued highlight. Having recently taken to using the new GW washes a coat of Devlan Mud grimed the figures up nicely. A quick touch up of colours here and there and it was job done.

The figures were finished with a heavy duty satin varnish followed by a matt spray after basing.

And there’s more

Citadel Ghouls - objective marker

Citadel Ghouls - objective marker

With all the optional bits and pieces I put together a simple objective marker. This was made form the spares and set on a standard Citadel large round base.

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