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Legionary 2017 – Exeter games show

The annual wargames show in Exeter

This year’s show lived up to expectations. Plenty of great looking games spread across history with quite a few non historical games. The Star Wars competition looked spectacular with all the space maps joined together. I was so impressed I forgot to take a photo!

A good variety of traders with plenty of stock meant temptation but I mostly managed to resist. And an impressive bring and buy where I got a couple of bargains.

Helms Deep besieged in Exeter

The Exmouth Imperial Wargames Club who run the show had a good looking siege of Helm’s Deep game. The fortress itself was very impressive with the stone beautifully painted. Talking of painting I was impressed to hear the elves had been painted for the game.

The elves in the siege of Helms Deep game

Napoleonics in America

Another game that caught my eye was Graham Cookson’s War of 1812 game. The smoke effect on the rocket team looked most convincing!

British rocket team firing

Catching up

As usual the show was a great opportunity to catch up with people. I had my annual chat with Martin Goddard from Peter the Pig who seems to be making the Russian army of the Second World War on a 1:1 basis.

I was interested to hear from Helion Books that Bicorne Miniatures are to release a set of figures depicting the Royalist Oxford Army. Good news for English Civil War collectors.

I look forward to next year’s show


Legionary 2013 – Games in Exeter

An annual treat

I’ve enjoyed Legionary first as a trader and then a visitor since it started in Broadclyst in 1992. My minor claim to fame is coming up with the name for the show in a committee meeting in my mother’s garden many years ago. I was inspired by Exeter’s Roman heritage and I think I still have the Blue Peter style artwork I made for posters somewhere!

Now housed in The Livestock Centre at Matford near Exeter the show has a good venue with road and public transport access. Plenty of room as well which is always good.

Some highlights

Lots of games and activity this year. I liked the Rapid Fire World War Two game and enjoyed catching up with Will about the lack well proportioned French Indian War figures.

A War and Conquest Dark Ages game from Rob Broom looked fun with a last stand on a hill worthy of the bards.

My favourite game was a 1930s set game based on Exmouth. Appropriately the game was put on by Mick from the Exmouth Imperials Club. This used the Very British Civil War rules and setting.

Long Range Devon Group

Long Range Devon Group

When this game came out I was a bit dubious in case it was an excuse for the lunatic fringe to popularise Mosely’s blackshirts. Happily I was completely wrong and it reflects the full complexity if 1930s politics along with exercising the imagination.

As an aside my father threw eggs at the Blackshirts in London in his teens. He told me they were big blokes, could run fast and hit hard!

One of the bits if the game I really liked was Mick’s approach to depicting the fascists. He portrayed them as PG Woodhouse’s characters. Namely Spode and his Black Shorts.

Spode and his Black Shorts

Spode and his Black Shorts


A show is always good for stocking up on figures and stuff! I got a couple of show special offers and a bargain pack of Spartan Officers who will become fashionable officers for Greek mercenaries in my 4th Century BC Persian army.

15mm Ancient Spartans

15mm Ancient Spartans – only 80p!

No show is complete without a random purchase. This year it was a baby mammoth. Maybe time for that prehistoric Hordes of the Things army?

resin mammoth herd

resin mammoth herd

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