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Autumn at Lower Halsdon Farm

Autumn comes to the farm in Devon

Cotehele Quay – not exactly a cafe …

A bit of serendipity

I popped down to Cotehele over the Heritage Open Days weekend. The house wasn’t taking part in the scheme on Sunday so I decided to save it for a rainy day (and when reception wasn’t manned by upper class twits).

Instead I went down to the quay. Not only were there the expected pleasures of buildings, views, boats and industrial junk but there was a local food festival too!

Terrific Tamar Tuck!

Lots of stalls selling all sorts of produce from the Tamar Valley. Everything really was local and not as expensive as farmers’s markets can be. Lots of apple juice but disappointingly no cider. By the way Cotehele has talking apple trees in one of its orchards. Yes, the trees use some multimedia malarky and speak in the accent of the area the apple comes from! I look forward to returning and experiencing this.

But the cafe?

There is a small refreshment kiosk at the Quay but as part of the event there was a cafe tent. It’s the yellow one in the photograph.

Friendly people and well made coffee. Their local product was Dutch apple pie made with Tamar apples and currants. I have had Dutch apple cake (and Devon and French) many times and Route 2 in Topsham serve a nice one but Dutch apple pie was a new experience.

Whether the fact it was made by a Dutchwoman or I was eating it in its home surroundings it was very good. And dining outside is always good.

Cotehele Quay looking across to the food fair

Cotehele Quay looking across to the food fair

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