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Goblins for Warmaster and BOFA

Only 10mm high but hordes of them

Older gamers will recognise Warmaster as Games Workshop’s mass fantasy battle rules from 2000. BOFA stands for Battle of Five Armies which was the later Hobbit version.  Both games use bases of 10mm metal or plastic figures based in elements on 20x40mm bases, with three such bases forming a unit. 

The  goblin horde arrayed

The goblin horde arrayed

I was painting the goblins from the Battle of Five Armies box set. This produces eight units to make the goblin army. That’s a total of 336 (8 times 3 bases each with 14 goblins on) 1cm high goblins to paint!

Fast painting hordes of goblins

I wanted to get these painted quickly because of the number of them. Plus I have another eight units to paint! I tried two techniques. 

First was the traditional black undercoat to provide dramatic shading and lining. This creates almost a cartoon effect and by dotting in glowing red eyes worked well. 

Goblin unit painted with a black undercoat

Goblin unit painted with a black undercoat

Second was using a coloured acrylic varnish produced by Ronseal for treating wood over bases colours. This is the same as the technique known as the “the dip”. 

Goblin unit  painted with brown wood varnish

Goblin unit painted with brown wood varnish

Of the two I decided the starker black undercoat worked best. Especially when viewed from a distance as on the games table. And it seems quicker too. 

The full horde seen from above

The full horde seen from above



Semper Romani

Romans ready for painting

Always Romans!

My first ancient army was Airfix Romans and I notice their patchwork leather shorts are back in fashion! These were first unpainted and then with thinner plasticard shields added painted up. This force fought Ancient Britons, and even elves and goblins, with WRG Ancients 4th Edition rules.

They were followed by a Republican army made by the long defunct Leviathan Miniatures. Nicely cast  separate pila and well proportioned figures I enjoyed painting. Happily ignored by burglars but I sold them some years ago when moving.

My current Romans are made by Martin Goddard at Peter Pig. I created a notionally Flavian army for Boudicca’s revolt but now plan to use them back to the early first century AD. This is based on the finds at Kalkreise which show frontier troops using lorica segmentata armour earlier than previously thought.

This army was created based on the DBM rules and suggested forces in Roman Britain. It was painted while I was working in Bath and couldn’t afford to go out every evening in the late 1990s.

Roman Army on Parade

The DBM army arrayed

Time moves on in Dumnonia

Over time I have decided to concentrate on 15mm for ancient games as described in a previous post on the British opposition for this army. So this army is overdue a refresh. I’m simply bringing small groups of figures into larger groups to tie in with Field of Glory. Having more Romans is a pleasure in itself too!

Working amongst the Roman collection in Exeter Museum has also re-awoken my enthusiasm for this period of Devon and Britain’s history. Plus recent Osprey books on this period including Boudica’s Revolt and the Teutoburger Wald coupled with reading some historical fiction by Simon Scarrow and Lindsay Davis.

Auxiliary cavalry

General and Auxilary Cavalary

New cohorts for old!

The first batch of figures are under coated and ready for painting on the work bench. I’m glad I kept colour notes to help them blend in with my existing figures!

Peter Pig Romans undercoated ready for painting

Peter Pig Romans undercoated ready for painting

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